Carol & Kelley TetzlaffCelebrate Everything!

Life gives us cause to celebrate! We all celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays and that is a great start but finding celebration in the mundane routine of life is what causes us to live out the command: “Today is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.” (Psalm 118:24)

Carol Tetzlaff is a celebrator of all things. From a milestone birthday to an early release day for the grandkids, there is always cause to rejoice.  Even within her writing and teaching you will find her zeal for life and her love for others as she brings the Scriptures to life.

Her desire is for you to find that this life is a beautiful gift from God and as your desire to know Him grows you will find it is easier to rejoice because life is simply about Him!

Carol has served in church ministry her entire life. As a child she would walk the dark halls of the deserted church on a Saturday afternoon with a cleaning rag in hand as she wiped down counters in the restroom or dusted the grand piano in the sanctuary with her grandparents nearby. She dreamed of one day being the one to sit on the piano bench playing as the congregation was led in singing. Watching kids in the nursery and even leading children’s church were responsibilities given to her as a high school student.

This led to her love and passion to serve within the local church. She has served in every area on staff from kids to adults and everything in-between.

There were two things she never wanted to do: speak in front of people and serve in women’s ministry. Both terrified her!

But, God had other plans as he moved her from one ministry to the next always giving her exactly what she needed to accomplish the task at hand.

While still in college her dream came true as she took her place on the wooden bench at the piano in the sanctuary. Practice became part of her everyday life as she would have to play grandiose musical scores each week as the choir sung their anthem of praise. Before the morning service you would typically find her in tears because her nerves got the best of her and she knew in just a matter a minutes the whole world would know if she practiced well enough.

If you would have told her 30 years ago where she would be today, she would have laughed knowing you were completely out of your mind. But God… Yes, His plans for us are exceedingly better than what we put together on our own. His plans were bigger than she could have ever dreamed.

Which leads her to the place where she is on staff today serving as both worship leader and women’s ministry director. Not only in her local church but also leading yearly events for women and leadership teams in churches all across the southwest. God has placed her in the two areas she never dreamed she would go: working with women and speaking on stage.

She also has taken her love for writing and her passion for studying the scriptures and melded them together as she writes studies for the women in her Bible study.

God continues to open doors she never dreamed she would walk through but celebrates each opportunity along the way.

God has given her a message of hope through salvation only He can offer and a wonderful chance to share it with her world.