“What if it were today?”

Today was actually quite ordinary but as I caught a glimpse of the sun peering through the clouds that very question came to mind, “What if it were today?”

The return of Jesus could happen anytime and yet I seldom think about it in the busyness of life. But today, the image of His glorious appearing in the clouds immediately brought me to a place of worship. Imagining what that moment would hold and what it will be like to see my Savior face to face. I have a feeling I will fall flat on my own in holy awe. 

This thought also brought me to place of evaluation. 

Although my eternity is completely secure because of my faith in a risen Savior, I have a deep longing to be found doing His business when He comes. But the truth is, so much of my days are filled with the ordinary. Things that don’t really make much of a difference for the kingdom. 

At the time all these thoughts were flooding my mind I was driving to the store to find some shoes to go with a new dress I bought for a dinner we are attending this weekend. I mean, what’s so kingdom minded about that. 

That’s when He gently reminded me that kingdom work looks like polite interaction with the sales clerk, smiling at the checkout person and asking them about their day, letting the car go ahead of you in the drive-through even though you were clearly there first, seeing a close parking spot but taking a further one so the gal following you can get the better place, and paying for the coffee for the person in the car behind you even after finding out they were doing a run for their office. 

Jesus teaches that our kingdom work begins by loving and that is something that can be done in the ordinary moments of life. He told His disciples he had a new command for them, “Love one another… by this everyone will know that you are mine.” 

As I pulled into my parking space I was so very thankful for this reminder and while walking to the store I heard myself say aloud, “Even so come, Lord Jesus! But, in the waiting, help me to love!” 

And if you’re wondering… I found the cutest shoes ever! 


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