My garage has been a complete mess since Christmas. Today was the day I had planned to get it clean enough for my car to fit. 

I started early this morning and began moving boxes, repacking Christmas decor, and throwing stuff away. About two hours in I discovered the garage was actually messier than when I began. 

Isn’t that just like life. The saying “I’m a hot mess” is spoken with quick wit as many frazzled women describe their current life circumstance. I’vesaid it many times. 

And the crazy thing is… as we start dealing with the mess, our lives often get … well … messier! 

The secret places are opened revealing much more than the description of a quick witted statement. Our hot mess is more like the sizzling wreckage of consequences found in our past cluttering up our present. 

Unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, and maybe even a few extra pounds are found among the debris. Once they are revealed there is a choice to make. Do I deal with the mess or do I sweep it away for another day. 

I’m thankful to know our God is in the business of tidying up our lives. His desire for us to put off the junk and put on the character of His nature is so fierce He gives us complete instructions in His Word. 

He longs to make us new. In fact the verse following that one from 2 Corinthians says, “all this is from God…”. 


So deal with your mess but don’t do it alone. Seek after God and His ways… and find a godly friend to walk with along the way. 

Because if you choose to sweep in under the rug beware… you might just break your broom! 

(The photo is of my broom that broke in half while sweeping the mess in my garage today. And if you’re wondering… my car is now safe inside)


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