The wisemen had followed the star for at least 40 days… possibly longer.  We are told the star “came to rest over the place where the child was.”  Their reaction:  “They rejoiced exceedingly with great joy!”

The moment they had been waiting for had arrived and their worship burst like water rushing from a dam that has broke loose from its barrier.

Their posture was facedown before this child, the one whom they believed to be King. Extravagant gifts were given as the ultimate act of worship, laying before the King their most valuable possessions.

At this moment Mary was torn from the routine of life to be reminded that this little one who toddled around their home was truly the Son of God.

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve.  A time to place the busyness of the season and aside and take the opportunity to be rescued from the ordinary to position yourself in the extraordinary storyline of this baby born King.

Find a place to remember the birth of the Son of God.  Whether in a church, in a gathering among friends, or in your own home.  Come together and worship the King!

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