Excluding the OrdinarySome days the pen runs dry… that was yesterday as I could not find the words to post.

Some days life just engulfs you with every emotion and you’re just not sure where you should dwell.

Some days it comes down to what… and usually who… is the most important and you choose to live there.

Some days our humanness comes out in full force and we look down at our circumstance leading us to despair.

Some days we have to make a conscious effort to look up and keep our eyes on the One who

Knows us fully

Loves us deeply

and Holds us tightly

This is my Jesus!

He’s the One who became like us… so we could be like Him.

As I study this morning, this verse jumps off the page of Scripture.  “And the child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom. And the favor of God was upon him.”

After the night in the stable, I wonder how long until this little family found a place to make a home for themselves?  We are told that they were in a house during the next portion of the documented storyline and that the infant Jesus began to grow.  Holding up his head, rolling over, finding a whole new freedom as he learns to crawl and eventually walk around the little table made by the hands of his earthly father.  He cried when He was hungry, laughed when His mother tickled Him, and let out a squeal of joy to see His daddy come home after being gone all day.

It’s not often we think of the Son of God as so completely ordinary as we understand He encompassed the holiness of His Father in Heaven.  Can you imagine God looking down from heaven and smiling as His One and Only son toddles on the dusty ground attempting to take His first step on His own?  The Father took great joy in the ordinary … but He knew it wouldn’t be that way for long for… Jesus grew.

He became just like us, experiencing every aspect of humanity, so that one day we could be just like Him.  He understood our weaknesses and was even tempted in sin… yet He remained sinless, the perfect Son of God.  He seemed ordinary yet trusted His Father to make His life extraordinary.

So today as the troubles of life loom up ahead, as the busyness of the day leaves me a bit overwhelmed, and as the expectations I place on myself may not turn out as I planned… I  know that God is for me.  I rest in knowing that He longs to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

Oh the extraordinary, glorious redemption that comes from the God-man to save us from ourselves.

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