“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

As the shepherds leave the stable they are seen telling everyone they meet of this baby who has been born, the Messiah!

In contrast we find Mary sitting quietly in the stable holding the infant close, treasuring each moment.

Just eight weeks ago ago I was able to hold our grandbaby, Nathaniel, when he was just a few hours old.  When I took him in my arms I began to observe every part of his precious little body that was, only hours before, inside our sweet Jayne  This little life was so perfectly woven together as his tiny hands grasped hold of my little finger.  Itty bitty toes, his precious face with a perfect nose, two ears, and his miniature, quivering lips that housed the sweetest little tongue which would make an appearance now and again.  At that moment he became the most precious gift to our lives.

Mary most assuredly was observing her new little life in the same way.  As she held this tiny infant in her arms she must of counted His little toes and touched each tiny finger.  She may have caressed his head and used her finger to outline his little nose and ears.  As a young girl of only 14, I am certain she was conflicted as she wondered how she would be able to care for such a child at the same time falling in love with each tiny breath.

Mary was a student of the scriptures.  She had lived out the prophecies from long ago of a baby, who would be born of a virgin and of the place this birth would occur in Bethlehem.  She must of thought, as she held the very infancy of God in her arms, that other prophecies would come true in His life.  He would be despised, rejected, a man of sorrow and acquainted with grief.  His stripes, which would shed His own blood that now pumped through his tiny veins, would bring healing to all the world.

The thought of what would become of her son may have overwhelmed her with grief.  How could she protect Him from such a gruesome fate.  As she stared lovingly into the face of the One who would redeem her from her own sins, tears must of fallen from her eyes to stream down the cheek of her own Son.

The emotions of that first night, as she held the Savior, were kept in her heart.  The reality of why this baby was here may have frightened her.  But she was brought back to her infant Son as He began to cry, searching for that which would bring him nourishment.

He was her baby… for now… and so in the moment she held him tighter.  This One who has come to bring life for all the world was depending on her to be His source of life for a time.  For now, she would bask in the moment as a mother to her first born Son.

As she leans down to kiss his forehead and whispers the words, “I love you,” I can imagine God in heaven smiling.  He had placed His one and only Son in the hands of a virgin-girl who’s heart had been captured by His Beloved.

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